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Live the Palm Beach lifestyle Every Day

by Gisele Murray September 08, 2016

Live the Palm Beach lifestyle Every Day

Ever wonder why the rich and famous always look so good? Who doesn’t want to look and feel like you are living the “good life” of a vacation lifestyle? With the products of Palm Beach Vitamins, you can live the vacation lifestyle of the rich and famous every day. Palm Beach Vitamin products let you enjoy that “I am on vacation” look and attitude regardless of what your day brings!

Prior to founding Palm Beach Vitamins, Karl and Joan both had long careers in business and spent years paying for products designed to make us feel better, look better and age gracefully. There is no question that these wellness, weight management and health supplements work. However, we were shocked by the high prices of these products.   So, we decided to develop and introduce our own line of unique supplements and health and beauty products to give everyone the opportunity to look and feel great at a price that is affordable.  Our amazing products let you live the Palm Beach lifestyle every day. And, they make you feel and look like you are on vacation every day, but without breaking the bank! Yes, they are that good!

Palm Beach Vitamins is a certified women owned business and understands the needs of today’s women.  We understand what today’s young women (and those that want to stay young looking) need to look and feel their best. So, whether you purchase a custom supplement such as our Omega 3 1500 for heart and eye health, decide to shed a few pounds with our Colon Cleanse or decide to augment your facial regimen with our Nutra Peptide 20% Vitamin C cream, we want you to live the Palm Beach lifestyle and feel like you are on vacation every day.

Palm Beach Vitamins has three excellent collections of products: Health and Wellness, Weight Management and Beauty Care. All our products are made in the USA and are based on the latest in healthy living research. Our products are also 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so if you are not completely satisfied, we will gladly refund your money.

Here is to living the Palm Beach Vacation Lifestyle every day!


Joan and Karl

Founders, Palm Beach Vitamins

Gisele Murray
Gisele Murray


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